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We work on 6 key values to optimize your IT Solutions






Respect of the environment


IT must be at the service of your company and should help you to be efficient and effective. That is why it requires a comprehensive and proactive management.

Do not wait for problems to make investments and thus be forced to work under pressure and bit by bit.

HIVE implements a free* infrastructure management solution and gives you a yearly report with the different types of materials, their places of installations, ages, deadlines of your guarantees…

The purpose of this is to help you to have a global view of your infrastructure and to better plan your future investments.

* From certain amounts of investment and volumes of assets.


A powerful computer system is essential for the day to day management of your company,

and also for your customers and your staff.

But, many companies are reluctant to change a part or their entire IT infrastructure due to an important investment.

We can help you in finding a permanent equipment that is fast and efficient, with a perfect control of your budget.


We guarantee a perfect control of your costs and we also take care of the administrative management (orders, invoice control …).


We have no bias. Our job is only to fund and provide an outdoor analysis of your infrastructure.

We are independent of any supplier or manufacturer.

The acceptance of a folder is subject to the agreement of the Commitments Committee.


Our contracts may change at any time to meet the best solution for your business.

Respect of the environment

We can support the recovery and recycling of your equipment once it no longer fits your needs.

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